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Jenni Sparks is an illustrator, designer, map maker, and typography designer. Originally from Somerset, England, she spent ten years finding her feet in the creative world in London, and is now based in Bristol. After creating her first illustrated map of London in 2012 which went viral, she then went on to create large scale maps of New York, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Sydney and Melbourne.

Her detailed, informative and borderline satirical maps have been featured in international newspapers and publications, and exhibited and sold as prints around the world. The London map has been used as part of tourist campaigns for the city, and even used to cover the floor of London Gatwick Airport as a public artwork.  

Other than maps, Sparks works with animated gifs and stickers for the social media market, paints murals, and self-publishes zines on her travels and the emotional rollercoaster of the coronavirus pandemic. She loves to work with themes of modern life such as reality tv, online dating, memes, and anything ‘woo woo’. One of her career highlights was getting her work on a well known UK chat show known for it’s trashiness. Points for guessing which one.

Selected Clients: Nike, Adidas, Grazia, Variety, Absolut, McDonalds France, The L.A. Times, Lonely Planet, Cosmopolitan, Harper Collins, Sesame Street, Google, Time Out Magazine, Selfridges, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street.

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