euro travel journal

In August 2019 I decided to embark on a two and a half month long trip around Europe. I’d wanted to go on a lengthy trip for a while, and with all the discussion around Brexit I realised that I hadn’t actually seen that much of it. It was a case of ‘oh it’s always there and it’s so close’ that meant that I usually travelled to more far-flung countries. 

I went to 15 different cities and 9 different countries over this period and kept an illustrated journal entry for each place that I visited. One of my main objectives being to capture the real essence of travelling in a world full of Instagram influencers depicting perfect beaches and the protagonist looking stunning in all photographs. Everyone knows that despite being an amazing and fulfilling thing to do, a considerable amount of time travelling is spent on a sweaty coach covered in mosquito bites, dealing with snoring in hostels and getting frustrated with Google maps while trying to navigate somewhere new. This is all part of the experience and shouldn’t be denied - in fact it should be laughed about, which is what I tried to do here. Hope you like it.

copyright jenni sparks 2022